Mankato West Robotics

​​​Coach Zenk was the main advocator to start the Mankato West Robotics program eight years ago. He has been the coach since day one and enjoyed every minute. Coach Zenk has witnessed the program grow from one team of six students in year one to 12 teams with 80 students this season. Coach Zenk's main goal of every season is to promote VEX Robotics to schools and the community all around MN. Coach Zenk also strives to run a quality regional tournament in Mankato every year and helping mentor other Event Partners to run their own tournaments. The goal for all the teams is to compete at a high level and reach the MN state tournament and qualify for the World Championships in Louisville, KY.

Mike Lord

High School Mentor

2nd Season of Robotics


Kristen Olinger

High School Assistant Coach

2nd Year at West

2nd Season of Robotics


Mike has worked at Ford Motor Company for 13 years, on automated machines and robots. He has also worked on factory maintenance for 32 years. He has been a hospice volunteer. He enjoys volunteering in the classroom for engineering, robotics, and mechatronics. He wants to help support the Vex Robotics teams in any way possible.

Coach Olinger is in her second year of coaching Robotics, she does most of her work with the high school teams. She teaches Business Education at Mankato West High School, and wants to help the high schoolers develop good skills like managing tasks and being organized.

Mark Zenk

​High School Head Coach​

20th Year at Mankato West

8th Season Of Robotics